Ready Set Wearables

Watch band mounted accessories


As part of a submission to the JCRMRG Covid Hackathon, Ready Set Wearables
is a set of three accessories that clip onto a standard watch band. The accessories
include; a hand sanitizer dispenser, a folding door pull and a pill/emergency medication
holder. The hackathon was held over a weekend with three days for the teams to work
on their project. This was a collaborative effort between myself and two other women.
Ready Set Wearables won first place in the hackathon.


U.S. Watch Market Revenue in 2019

*Data from NPD

U.S. Hand Sanitizer sales

*Data from CNBC

The accessories clip on to most common sized watch bands.

Below are some of the 3D printed prototypes.


This is the final submission video for the hackathon.