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Skate Knee Pad

Bumps and Bruises Modular Knee Pads


Bumps and Bruises Knee Pads are a pair of modular skate knee pads that caters to the roller derby and skateboarding world. The knee pads are highly customizable with detachable and interchangeable parts. The straps can be swapped out for a new set in a different size or color. These knee pads are ready for mass customization.

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I interviewed 10 roller derby skaters and these were their answers.

How long have you

owned your kneepads?

What wears out first

on your knee pads?

focus group infographic graphs.png

What circumstances would require

you to replace your knee pads?

"The elastic would

need to be worn out"

"Stops protecting

my falls"

"Knee cap breaks

or falls off"

"The velcro doesn't

stick anymore"

Through my research I found that one of the problems with many skate knee pads on the market was the lack of modularity. If one part of the pad failed, the user would need to purchase a new pair.

Number of Skaters in the US

census survey infographic skater.png

*Data from 2015 WFTDA Census

Gender of Skaters in US

census survey infographic track.png

*Data from 2015 WFTDA Census


The final knee pad design allows for maximum customization. Every part can be removed, replaced or customized. The pads are broken down into into four parts: padded body, knee caps and two straps. The parts are available in different sizes to fit the user's leg perfectly.

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