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About Me

I have come a long way and experienced a lot throughout my college career. I went to County College of Morris to explore possible career paths and after much research, I found Industrial Design. I found that Industrial Design combined my two passions, science and art. Finding the industrial design career path was somewhat of a “Cinderella” type story. After trying out different majors, it was not the perfect fit for me until industrial design. I know it sounds cliché but it’s completely true. Even growing up, I loved learning about different manufacturing processes and how everyday objects were produced. After getting my associates degree, I transferred to NJIT to further my education and continue my story.

My favorite aspect of industrial design is the vast number of different fields that require the expertise of a designer. I am most interested in furniture and houseware design but I am open to other fields. I also have a fascination with the design process and how I can improve on my existing process. My current process starts with research of the market and then moves onto exploring different solutions. Of course, the process changes drastically depending on the purpose of designing which is why I find it fascinating.

Exhibitions and Awards

Best of the Best Showcase, County College of Morris, 2017

Furniture Studio Showcase, NJIT, 2019

New Jersey Industrial Design Showcase, NJIT, 2020

First Place Winner, JCRMRG Community Health Hackathon, 2020

Third Year Industrial Designer of Distinction Award, NJIT, 2020

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